You Won’t Believe What Happens When You Don’t Wear a Trusted Bra Brand! 1

Japanese bra recallWhat happens when you wear an experimental bra brand that doesn’t have the greatest reputation for quality control? Last month, a Japanese lingerie maker issued a recall for more than 20,000 bras due to injury risks. The company, a division of Triumph International, specializes in so-called ‘concept lingerie’ – things like a solar powered bra and a special-edition “Abenomics” bra designed to enhance bust size.

Unfortunately for women who bought this bra, the company reports that the tips of the underwires could unexpectedly poke holes through the fabric and into the wearer. This wasn’t a ‘value’ brand, either, with these bras ranging in price from $48 to $53 – solidly in the mid range of bra pricing. Lack of durability and potential quality problems aren’t completely unfounded in low-range bras, but customers shopping for mid-range bra options have every right to expect more.

The Japanese bra recall is a great example of why it’s essential to shop trusted bra manufacturers. Otherwise, you run the risk of everything from discomfort to potential injury when you go with an unknown or experimental bra brand!

Shop a Reliable Bra Retailer to Ensure the Best Bra Shopping Experience

So how can you be sure you’re shopping a trustworthy bra brand? Two things can help you make sure you won’t regret your next bra purchase: shopping a reliable bra retailer with a good return policy, and checking out other shoppers’ reviews before you buy.

Shopping a good bra retailer is a bit of a no-brainer in ensuring that you’ll be happy with your bra purchase. Even with a brand you know and trust, you may find a style that fits in a way you don’t expect, or you may simply not be happy with cut, materials or design. That’s why Big Girls Bras has a generous return policy. We want you to feel beautiful no matter what the purchase, and we understand how important it is to know you can rely on us if you’re not happy with your bra, swimsuit or lingerie purchase. So look for bra retailers with a good return policy – and as an added bonus, we’re less likely to carry sketchy brands that might prompt a lot of returns!

Check Out What Real Women Have to Say about a Bra – Before You Buy!

The other thing that can help you feel comfortable with your bra shopping experience is reading reviews written by other shoppers. Don’t just take the manufacturer or retailer’s word for how a bra looks and fits – let the other women who actually wear these bras tell you what you think! At Big Girls Bras, we believe that shoppers’ reviews provide invaluable opportunities to gather information before making purchases.

Example Bra ReviewWith our easy-to-use review platform, you can learn things like whether the bra feels small, large or true-to-size, whether women would recommend it to a friend, and when and wear our shoppers would wear it. Having this type of information can easily help you spot a problem bra manufacturer, and ensure that you only buy bras that will be perfect for your needs!

So ladies, don’t be like those poor Japanese women who might have been injured by their bras, and became the object of a bra recall. Shop for trusted bra brands at good retailers, and check out what other shoppers have to say before you buy!


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