The Best Types of Bras for Different Types of Clothing

When you find the right bra , it can make a huge difference in both how your clothes fit and how you feel in them. Certain types of bras, however, work better with certain tops. Here are the best bras for different types of clothing.Read more… Read more […]

You Won’t Believe What Happens When You Don’t Wear a Trusted Bra Brand! 2

What happens when you wear an experimental bra brand that doesn’t have the greatest reputation for quality control? Last month, a Japanese lingerie maker issued a recall for more than 20,000 bras due to injury risks. The company, a division of Triumph International, specializes in so-called ‘concept lingerie’ – things like a solar powered bra and a special-edition “Abenomics” bra […]

Hey Guys, Here’s A V-Day Tip: Skimpy Lingerie Is A No; Pretty PJ Sets Are A Yes 1

If your guy is hinting that you’re getting lingerie for Valentine’s Day (again) this year, here’s some help. Whether you blatantly email him this link or casually leave it open on his computer, we’re here to ensure you get something you actually love for V-Day. And yes, fancy, matching PJs are just what you want. Not only are they supremely […]