KGB – Kirsti Grinna Bikinis

Although KGB came busting in on the bikini scene with a glaring theme of communism, it is not a Russian brand but rather, American from South Carolina. Oddly enough, the original Russian inspired theme appealed to many young people but mostly because they were too young to understand the historic negative significance. And while something as simplistic as a bikini does not usually coincide with politics, the KBG label moved Russian fashion into the forefront.

That was four years ago and 2008 brings a new theme of dirt bikes and Motocross racing. While most bikini labels aim to be the skimpiest or the sexiest or the boldest, KGB focuses on the image of young women being strong, determined, gutsy and knowing what they want accepting nothing less. Thus, Motocross biking was chosen as the theme because the sport is difficult, demanding and inspiring. The underlying notion is that young people should not give up and should aspire to achieve their goals and dreams.

KGB Swimwear halter bikini 2008KGB Swimwear colorful bandeau bikiniKGB Swimwear Triangle BikiniKGB Swimwear Newspaper Bandeau

The current collection is characterized by exciting, bold prints, huge metal adornments such as the side rings on the bikini bottoms, and precision cuts in the fabric to enhance and define the body. One thing that is very striking about this collection is the fact that the bikinis are not skimpy by most standards. The cuts of the legs of the bottoms provide ample coverage and the cuts on the tops are just enough to show a hint of breast.

KGB Swimwear halter bikini black and whiteKGB Swimwear Bandeau HalterKGB Swimwear colorful print bikinisKGB Swimwear black and white halter bikini

Bikini tops come in bandeau, halter styling, string closures, bra tops with accent coloring bands and straps, keyhole center tops tied around the neck and long sash like ribbons tied at the back of the top. Aside from the black boots, the bike chains and bike tires that the models wear or carry, there is nothing rough and tough about this bikini collection. On the contrary, the colors are bright, upbeat and ready for the sunshine, the designs are elegant and modest, and the look is quite sexy and appealing.

KGB bikini white halter top and bottomKGB Swimwear bikini triangle and bottomColorful KGB BikiniKGB Swimwear White Bandeau Bikini

Lastly, something should be mentioned about the brand’s history. K,G and B are actually the initials of the young woman behind the label. The daughter of Tara Grinna, Kirsti Grinna comes from a family of expert swimwear makers. Her mother Tara, well respected for her beautiful haute couture swimwear, and maternal grandmother, Eleanor Langley, established La Plage Swimwear. Tara went into partnership with her mother and her husband joined the business as well. It is therefore no surprise that Kirsti would launch her own bathing suit lines.

More details? Check out the official KGB site!


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