Brand Highlight: Freya Bras

Freya brasI can’t believe we haven’t already covered this week’s brand highlight; Freya bras are a staple of every woman’s bra wardrobe, and one of the top selling brands here at Big Girls Bras. Freya bras offer wonderful support for full-busted and full-figured women – wherever they might go! Whether you’re looking for a new date night bra or a bra to wear to the gym, Freya has a comfortable, supportive bra style for you.

What You Need to Know about Freya Bras


Our shoppers love Freya bras for their full cup sizes and good support, but one thing you should know about Freya: the underwires tend to run wide. They’re great for women with fuller breasts, but if you’ve got a narrow rib cage, the underwire may feel too wide, and may dig into the undersides of your arms.


Freya bra sizing is consistent with other European bra brands, so if you’re shopping for standard U.S. sizing, you may find the cups feel too snug. Consult the size guide on every Freya bra page to make sure you’re shopping for the right size, and if you haven’t been fitted recently, run through our quick fit guidelines to see what size you should be wearing. Freya bras come in a wide range of sizes, so you can find band sizes ranging from 28 to 40, and cup sizes from B to K – making Freya bras a great choice for full-busted women.


In terms of pricing, Freya runs in the upper mid range of the bras we carry here at Big Girls Bras. Freya bra prices range from around $58 to $79, although we do currently have a few Freya bras on sale for just $30! While this pricing puts it at the upper side of our mid range, Freya bras are durable, well-designed and absolutely worth the cost – especially for full-breasted women who have a hard time finding good, supportive bras in larger cup sizes.


One of the great things about Freya bras is the versatility of their styles. Freya bras come in everything from nursing styles to sports bras (with underwire and without!) – and they offer some great plunge bras and molded cleavage bras. Whether you’re looking for an everyday bra, a sexy date night bra or a workout bra, Freya bras have got you covered!

Check Out Our Favorite Freya Bras

Who do we trust when it comes to giving you the top Freya bra recommendations? Our shoppers! Don’t just take our word for it – take a look at the Freya bras that our shoppers buy (and recommend!) again and again, including:

Looking for something specific? Browse our complete Freya bra collection today.


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