This is the start of an amazing bra company.

The idea for MSfit evolved while would-be entrepreneur Thabo Nel was taking part in the Founder Institute’s training and start-up launch program. Of the 28 who signed up for the gruelling course only seven made it through to the end, including Thabo – and that’s how MSfit was born.

Thabo then connected with Pete Prado and Simone Ellis who came on board as Co-Founders.

The measuring bra is so simple that it’s surprising no one thought of it years ago. But it took someone like Thabo, who has studied industrial design, owned a clothes manufacturing business, and who grew up with seven sisters who were always complaining about ill-fitting bras, to have that moment of inspiration.

He started doing the research and discovered that more than 70 per cent of women wear ill-fitting bras. Of these, between 40–60 per cent experience pain on a daily basis.

MSfit solves this problem

Using MSfit’s free measuring bra in the comfort and privacy of your own home, you will be able to make sure your bras are a perfect fit.

It’s simple. When you purchase a bra from us, we will overnight ship to you a free measuring bra that is yours to keep. When you receive your measuring bra, you put it on and when you have the perfect fit, you take the numbers from the adjustment points and enter them into a field on an easy-to-use website or phone app. Your bra will then be custom-made and delivered to your door.

This service is suited to all women, whether or not your proportions are standard. You might be time-poor and hate trying on dozens of bras in a shop before finding one that’s good enough. You might live remotely; or are unwell and unable to leave home; or you’ve just had a baby and don’t want to shop; or you’re just plain shy; or you’ve lost or gained a lot of weight and your existing bras don’t fit.

We will give a money back guarantee and free return shipping, so if you’re unhappy you haven’t lost anything. While our business is in its infancy, there will only be a few styles available, but they will be very attractive.

MSfit’s secret is the perfect fit.

Our bras don’t come in standard sizes – only in your size.

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